Thursday, February 26, 2009

Old Friend

I was listening to sports radio today and the famous motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, came on to talk about his ability to impact top notch athletes come back to greatness. The immediate image that popped to mind was an old friend of mine that past away a couple years ago.

Marc Jones was his name. He was the one that made me aware of Tony Robbins by letting me borrow his tapes. I ended up purchasing a whole set of Tony Robbins tapes months after and I still have them to this day.

I miss my conversations with him. I miss him altogether.

You are missed Marc Jones…

Monday, February 23, 2009

Asthma Meds

Since starting the recreational basketball league at work, I’ve seen some improvements in my health. However, I still struggled to keep up with guys my size during games. I figured I was just out of shape; until I noticed no improvement in my stamina over the passing weeks.

I did have a violent cough along with thick green phlegm and figured I was getting over some virus. Turns out, I have “seasonal asthma”. It’s hard to be relieved about having asthma (seasonal or not), but I was. I was starting to get bummed out that I couldn’t keep up with a guy heavier and older then me. I guess my asthma had something to do with me trying to catch my breath.

So, once the doctor gave me meds, the cough and phlegm did stop, but the side effects are probably worse. I’m sensitive to light and noise. I feel cloudy and have difficulty focusing. My patience is shorter and apparently I’m just not as jolly. I’ve had like five different people ask me “are you ok?”. Of course, I say “yes I’m fine thank you”.

I just feel stoic and cloudy. Not really laughing or talking like usual. I can’t wait until I’m done with the medication.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Atoms and force-fields

Who ever thought that everytime you sit on a chair, you are actually sitting on millions of force fields. That's right, force-fields! Sounds sci-fish eh?

How is this possible? Well, atoms are actually 99.99% empty space. What surrounds the atom is this force field; the force-field is actually a shell of electrons. It is said that if these force-fields didn't exist we could literally walk through walls. Now that's cool!

The force-fields behave in a similar way that magnets do when you try to attach like poles. Just imagine everything as gazillions of mini-magnets assembled together.

Now, when I first learned this, I thought to myself "why doesn't everything just repel from each other? Obviously, something keeps them together." What happens is that although all atoms have a force-field made up of electrons; some atoms have an unstable or not enough amount of electrons. The way an atom becomes stable is by bonding to another unstable atom and therefore starting the chain of reactions to form an actual molecule like a protein and a protein into an actual organ.

That's a giant leap I made there and it's obviously more complicated then that but essentially it's a bonding of millions of atoms sharing forcefields that make everything.