Monday, February 16, 2009

Atoms and force-fields

Who ever thought that everytime you sit on a chair, you are actually sitting on millions of force fields. That's right, force-fields! Sounds sci-fish eh?

How is this possible? Well, atoms are actually 99.99% empty space. What surrounds the atom is this force field; the force-field is actually a shell of electrons. It is said that if these force-fields didn't exist we could literally walk through walls. Now that's cool!

The force-fields behave in a similar way that magnets do when you try to attach like poles. Just imagine everything as gazillions of mini-magnets assembled together.

Now, when I first learned this, I thought to myself "why doesn't everything just repel from each other? Obviously, something keeps them together." What happens is that although all atoms have a force-field made up of electrons; some atoms have an unstable or not enough amount of electrons. The way an atom becomes stable is by bonding to another unstable atom and therefore starting the chain of reactions to form an actual molecule like a protein and a protein into an actual organ.

That's a giant leap I made there and it's obviously more complicated then that but essentially it's a bonding of millions of atoms sharing forcefields that make everything.

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