Friday, May 22, 2009

School Board indoctrination

California Resists Home School Ruling

I was smoking from the ears when I heard on the radio that the California school boards have been pushing to create laws that could make homeschooling illegal. For one, it gives one more reason to have fewer teachers on staff and secondly, (and most importantly) the powers to be fear losing control of the hearts and minds of our youth.

If they can’t indoctrinate our youth to worship Obama, be pro-choice, hate America, and make you love and save a granola eating polar bear, then by golly they will become the most intolerant bunch of folks you come across.

Not to mention there tactics of forcing psychotropic drugs on your children to make them submissive, going as far as bias interrogation with the hope of finding cause to remove your children from your care in order to receive federal funding to place your children in their foster care systems……bureaucracies at it’s finest.

Therefore, if you have a subconscious desire to lose your child to the liberal school boards, just send your child to public school and they will be more then happy to make him a drone and drug him up for you.

It’s like something from the twilight zone.

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