Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dr. Laura come back to radio please...

I am so disappointed and upset to hear Dr. Laura Schlessinger quitting as a radio host. She was one of a kind in a world that really needs to hear what she has to say. I didn't always agree with her but she embraced an open and civil line of dialogue. One that often was at odds with liberalism at it's core. Which was perfectly fine with me.

She quit due to her using the n-word in a conversation with a caller. Anyone who has taken the time to listen to the entire session would know the context was not to use the word in a way to injure blacks. Nonetheless, she shouldn't have ever used the word and she actually apologized long before the media got a hold of what she said.

Eventually the hate mail and powerful interest groups was too much for her to handle and she quit. I just want to tell her "that's exactly what they wanted you to do for years!"...and they accomplished it. So who is the intolerant ones? It's no longer about agreeging to disagree, but you must be silenced if you aren't pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, socialist,....and a number of other things.

Now isn't the time to quit; but to stay strong, patient, and pray.

God be with us all.

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