Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thoughts on Mormons

What do you think about Mormons?

Love em.

They were probably the stepping stone to me being religious in the first place. I was young so I mostly remember how kind they were to me. I didn't really go too deep into their doctrines, but I had a basic grasp of it. Looking back at it, it's a simplified form of Chrisitianity; taking most of the "mystery" out of it. Have a problem with the Trinity? Not a problem. Have a problem with Hell? Not a problem. If you read real close into men like Josepth Smith, Martin Luther, etc. you will find a profound struggle within them that lead to their shift from Orthodoxy. It's much easier to come up with your own conclusion then to call it a mystery or work to understand it over time.

But as far as my personal experiences with them, I have nothing but good things to say. I'd even go so far as to say that they treated me better then Catholics do......=]

If it were only about how I was treated, I probably would have remained Mormon.


APPIAN said...

My mother used to be a member of the Mormon Church, but left due to my father. I'm not sure that she ever really stopped believing in that heresy. God bless her, but she is a shallow person.
The Mormons came along out of the blue and helped her in a severe time of need, basically buying her soul with a few bags of groceries.
That's what cults do: they love bomb the young, the weak, and the neophyte. This causes a deep sense of trust and "beholdenness" to which the individual develops a deep seated emotional and intellectual obligation. Most people never escape that.
God has a plan for you, Victor. Of that I'm certain. To come out of such a situation is uncommon. But to have reasoned your way into your present one is even more uncommon. Twice rare. Yes, God has a plan for you; of that I'm certain.

Victor said...

May His will be done.